The stream to my viewpoint.

Between globalization and the self-defence firstnalization, the world would divide under the ideal regardless of holding the world order’s mixed concept. As far as a lot of country could have political issue, economical issues and social issues etc. we could have a personal issues or individual issues as well. Not simply such as a global poverty problem or global warming and so on but such as using personal smartphone would bring about the good or the bad issues, it would not whether the worldwide point of view or not whether the one-person or each person point of view or more. This means that the world could come to being chaoticalism anything like leading to the peace or the sustanable society under common ideology. Viewing our life for the way to live, as so much subjective or objective in a word. It might be connect with every all thing or stuff to be small or big issues and to have a bit, something to do with as well. As having the abstract context, we should live for another or other peoples not to personalize oneself all the more. But behind these side, there could be very value sense such as like being said to diversity for which all the people could acknowledge or ask nowadays. As lots of thinking how to be or to be nor, first of all should we accept the allowance scale every nation or all nation. Finally as acquiring English also, how to be thinkable sentense or to consider the matters. It could be the way to acquire language for you or me.


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