We know Him through China story.

China investmnet to Africa would increse more and more such as infrastracter, at first chinese employment or native development prior to African forks. Before today topic for Africa has enthusiasm about China polisy, they have contnued to invest since 30 years to begin from Open and Reform ages. At that time Deng Xiao Ping annaunced to the whole Chinese, ” From getting to the richer, go to become the richer.” Chinese people worked harder or was engaged in China nation at the sacrifice of themselves. And right now communist nation was formed like capitalism nation under Xi Jing Ping such as fomer Hu Jin Tao, Jiang Ze Ming etc. As describing back, they poured lots of money into Africa  investment as well, as a result today prosperious Africa countries do be ? Several years age Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank startd to involve a part of EU countries in the contrast with Asia Developement Bank which are at the central of Japan. So AIIB would spread the whole world out not simply a part of countries but might be involved Japan also. In substance ADB could break up naturally. Japan role such as money market or stock market could fall down, to integrate ADB into China bank group should nor be ? We can not resolve by money or alternative, Could up to whom ? ” I am the Alpa and the Omega, the beginning and the End” says the Lord. ” who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:8 the Bible tell us so. Be still !

D. Trump as a christian on his policy.


D. Trump who has great power against establishment more or less in US was definitely a businness men, his working is clearly a business person from a variety of viewpoint. As looking like talking down to people, which media etc. always criticize his word one by one or twice more, he stand up to these Opposition all too firmly. Recently between US and China negotiated a counterpart tarde barries as trade duties, at first US govement imposed 25% on steel and alminiumu by Trump right. After then trade war game began between US and China more and more, if so two county that stand in the top of the economic world is bringing about lots of issue, not simply the both county but on the whole world also could come to be involved with economic falling down. How do you think about ? Second, Trump moved the US ambassador house to Jerusarem from Tel Abib in Isralel. This dicisiton would significantly be an important historical event, it might not exaggaration to say that he had the honor of leading a resolution of the Middle-East issue on the way of  first hand. In future Israel will  get US support and walking alomg self-dependence or not, grasping at self-independence or not ? It will depend on them nor should be ? Finally we should take arranging how would we do into consideration as a personal close connection on the whole world. ” Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” Matthew 24:35 the Bible tell us so for you and me. ” Give thanks to the Lord, for his love enduer forever.”


Who reign the world to view a little China economy ?

Right ow the world has lots of issue or hold the crisis problem seriously, as looking around one side we would be shaken by every media tool or looking ahead about another side we could fell like being a lot of unrest as well. Now economic power focus on China like named G2, we could not talk without it due to drastic growth for Chinese people on the home ground. Chinese goods or stuff are pour-outly filled out of town on the whole worldords, though US occupy a large part such as “Made in China” between both county in trade. Some economist say” China economic could dominate every daily life thing from East to West, like saying ” Yi Dai Yi Lu” by Mandarin including the political hegemony point of view.” In future globalization which would not always center US do not strech this term but the center pole might rapidly change the world economic power balance into China pole economic power balance such as Singapole in Asia like shift change or more might be ? Under these circumstances we should rethink all the moneytalism as the necessary of life work or as the personal reward, so the money is only a paper as well and we would admit items of great worth or the all your life. Money also God as well do be only a slight. ” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1-2. The Bible tell us so. Whether however best or worst the world circumstances might be or not, we did believe in God named the Lord, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. ” Give thanks to the Lord, for his love enduer forever.”


Not yourself, it is the gift of God.

In this time, US and NK meeting could not necessarly evaluate, ” You’ve done it.” to compromise with each other in Vietnam. First meeting could lead to the better orientation, which D. Trump smiled a little toward President Kim with comfortable atmosphere to shake hands with one another. This time, however, would be lack of several preparation for counterpart, the reason why to some extent might be ? Cancellation bring about two men misunderstanding or schedule would be in a rut, so two guy could not be free to talk to thier hearts’ content. It could say to before Korean Peninsula denuclearzation based on counterpart policy decition meeting to leave thier idea, plan and implication etc. out of consideration. Next time, how will be likely to expect for us ? North Korea all people bring about a revolution on the versa could be or should be ? Neighbor countries would promote on the whole Asia  for peace or order not rarely or not seldom, we need to think about Korean issue including world internatinal circumstans. As focusing on Japan, all the people would live a happy or calm life but the poorer. In parliament there has lots of issue, which is politics, economics, social-security, human-right and so on. In view of living a heathy, cultual, mimum-limted life, we serve as given task, it is not oneself but gift from God. As it were, ” not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.” ” Give thanks to the lord, for his love enduer forever.” the Bible tell us so.

You will find the Creature by everything.

As last year was a lot of various event in the whole of world such as populism could rise against globalism, which it would be involved in the stream by looking at a part of country from focusing on a kind of point of view. The world concept came to change into such as D. Trump said ” American first.” or ” We will make America great again.” Not simply America or U.S but France, the Netherland, Hungary or in recent Brazil election also. As it looks like the Right leanalization as long as we consider the world stream at first glance, we could not see the future ideology yet though lots of paticular view would be or used to be. According to later reports as the media played an importaurent role in the midterm election in U.S, Trump do not believe such a report or not care what they says about himself. He is rather accusing them with talking down about fake news etc. Only to in vain, media industry would always oppose any his administration policy. From now on we need to use many media tools to protect ourself mind or ourself body, of course with our heart very well. As a result, it could be important for us not to move about left and right under any circumstance such as at the minimum or at the mixmum.

My being of the opinion to populism.

Right now populism which could be infuluenced with not merely a part of countries or but a certain limited countries or more would appear to be on the rise more or less necessarily. It seems to be looked like US Pressident D. Trump, to say more such as France or Hungary, above all in Brazil election recent days. Therefore populism could be as it were popular among being stood for self policy, ideology or insistence but in opposing contrast with globalism which could step toward according with the whole world that would be tied up very firmly. If being on occasion, like saying that some specialist etc. ” The time authoritarian do have a force could come to an end.” It would be the time stream or the age stream regardless of money, finance or such as a little poket money. The above descriding populists such as in case of D. Trump would declare self idea or self opinion to be definite without hesitetion, to dare to confront a lot of holding crisis. More or less there could be like Right, it could be strength to transform self country, even though people who oppose thier stuation is the majority or not the minority. Finally we could have lots of issue or problem, even if it would be many difficult task, we do not forget to tie with one by one for one another or each other. All people should do our duty more than a little. This time would end up.