My being of the opinion to populism.

Right now populism which could be infuluenced with not merely a part of countries or but a certain limited countries or more would appear to be on the rise more or less necessarily. It seems to be looked like US Pressident D. Trump, to say more such as France or Hungary, above all in Brazil election recent days. Therefore populism could be as it were popular among being stood for self policy, ideology or insistence but in opposing contrast with globalism which could step toward according with the whole world that would be tied up very firmly. If being on occasion, like saying that some specialist etc. ” The time authoritarian do have a force could come to an end.” It would be the time stream or the age stream regardless of money, finance or such as a little poket money. The above descriding populists such as in case of D. Trump would declare self idea or self opinion to be definite without hesitetion, to dare to confront a lot of holding crisis. More or less there could be like Right, it could be strength to transform self country, even though people who oppose thier stuation is the majority or not the minority. Finally we could have lots of issue or problem, even if it would be many difficult task, we do not forget to tie with one by one for one another or each other. All people should do our duty more than a little. This time would end up.


The stream to my viewpoint.

Between globalization and the self-defence firstnalization, the world would divide under the ideal regardless of holding the world order’s mixed concept. As far as a lot of country could have political issue, economical issues and social issues etc. we could have a personal issues or individual issues as well. Not simply such as a global poverty problem or global warming and so on but such as using personal smartphone would bring about the good or the bad issues, it would not whether the worldwide point of view or not whether the one-person or each person point of view or more. This means that the world could come to being chaoticalism anything like leading to the peace or the sustanable society under common ideology. Viewing our life for the way to live, as so much subjective or objective in a word. It might be connect with every all thing or stuff to be small or big issues and to have a bit, something to do with as well. As having the abstract context, we should live for another or other peoples not to personalize oneself all the more. But behind these side, there could be very value sense such as like being said to diversity for which all the people could acknowledge or ask nowadays. As lots of thinking how to be or to be nor, first of all should we accept the allowance scale every nation or all nation. Finally as acquiring English also, how to be thinkable sentense or to consider the matters. It could be the way to acquire language for you or me.

Crisis to confront global warming.

The recent global warming do be causing the whole world for a different kind of climate change due to being enhancing our living standards or our living competitive acquisition. It could say to survey now situation or to bring the world life style into focus, as not simply a only person alone issues but the global citizen issues also. Looking at Co2 exhaust regulation data, it would tend to increase year in, year out, which lots of specialist are examining the cause of global warming or are analizing the factor of the climate change. In Japan as well, the very hot days has been continuing in this summer, not nearly Japan merely but Asia, Erope, Africa or both America etc. For the fierce hot, mega disaster has been breaking out all over the world. Such as a heavy rain, a forest fire or the melted North Pole iceberg, which it do is dissolving to be very surprising momentum. Therefore we are faced with such a crisis for worse, we do not necessarily get pessimistic about our future or for now. As we are engaged in something to need or having something but anything at all but nothing to do with everything, we should find the best way out or figure now circumstances out. Finally how to acquiring foreign language, so ” Everyday Little by Little.” You would try how to be each individual as possible. “All roads lead to Rome.” for you and me.

World economy collapse or the past Japan bubble flow.

World economy could stall in not only a lot of developed countries but also all over the world, it might be a bubble economy collapse to have experienced like 80’s or 90’s in Japan. Recently the media such as TV program, the radio news or web site news  etc. reported the world economy oppresive which would not reach the bottom. As long as we would live a daily life everyday, we do not take notice of such a issue, that rather some economic analyst, some economic specialist or some considering scholar would study trends in world economical states or global financial circumstance than us. Such as speaking of Japan to have fallen down about a bubble economy, the border between the 80’s and 90’s had reached the full-top of living standard but a variety of social issues or a lot of political issues and so on. We were very enthusiastic about anything or everything, we pursued our ideals to spend money like water or we engaged in or so and we went out to night street to eat, to drink or to play with grasping cash like too extravagant. But we are faced with a kind of difficult stuation now. What did we take lessson from a bubble economy collaspe ? Lots of having problem, we would have to pay for it in the end to the future generation. Finally as “the better tips of acquiring English,” if I could say, you should continue to learn a foreign language without breaking down even though you would take a short or a long break. It is the tips for you or me.

U.S and N.K getting anywhere.

On U.S President D. Trump and N.K commander Kim, the first talks was held in  Singapore where Asia financial city or could be called Chinapole also. As even the first meeting, it would seem to be like a bit feeling tention each other, which they shaked hands together in a mellow atomosphere at first glance. But lots of issue between two couterpart would pile up, there would never give up or more. Two persons smile looked like a little hard face like being ashamed to say such as being point out how U.S and N.K could be the enemy relation or have the enemy view, it was actually like the above. Alike Korean Peninsula issue could look like calm down to make a variety of effort from East side to West side, the denuclearzation could lead to not merely world peace or world order but also bringing us a lot of benefit or recovering Asia economy and world economy as possible. As it would be political side in this regard, be closely related to the economic, which it would not be any exaggeration to say that we hope the world sustainable peace or we hope the well-to-do life for whoever. We should take action right now might be. Finally the better tips of acquiring foreigh language is just ” Practice makes perfect.” It is for me or you to be the best choice, anyhow.

Being oriented to a world driver.

This time I would consider all over the world as myself view point in short. At first globalization could spread in a little land or a large land, which would say not merely politics, economics but religion or military and so on. The second, which could say not simply society, culture or education but enviroment, the race issue also as there could be lots of problem such as Sustainable Developement Goals etc. We would hand worldwide diversity but only having pros and cons, we have to proceed to Gate 1 including an state of internation or outnation, it could mean Gate 1 as a beginning or a entrance describing in detail. In other words, there might be a exit such as the kind of Brexit, which would be in the face of global crisis more or less comprehensively. How to grope our way would depend on you or be up to you, of course also me. Finally, as the better tips of aquiring English, it could be difficult for you to learn a foreign language, we could speak it, listening it, reading it, or writing it. Even if using an easy expression, we can do it, we can make it and we can get it. Continuing to learn more or best, you can enough to get, the day that you say ‘Enough’s Enough’ will come. Also for me should say as holding firm to my belief to stand firm or to take form on my way.

Lookable oriented mind.

We are learning a lots language such as English, Chianese, Korean and Russian etc. at a special high school where we do not learn them at a general high school, yes so English only in Japan. Japanese high school system is gradually changing into new tecnology system which we could use AI for ex. the kind of automatic interpretation, that human interpretation would be rather out of date than not up to date. But a human interpretation might be still the main stream, as the communication tool is more human- like to automatic-like, that the relation between one and other or another would always keep, it would be important to maintain the relationship. As we could be easy to fall into a personalization by PC or tablet connection etc. in rather present-day times than our modern society, I would do not deny thier all thing or thier all stuff. On IT revolution development we would lose something to pass the times, we could lose anything to be satisfied with lots of handyable convenience or we would lose nothing at all. The time to go back to view the past should come, that is not the future but right now.

The better tips of aqciring English.

I made this to name the better tips of aqcuiring English, I would look at a problem or a issue from a various of viewpoint such as globalism or communism, which I had gone abroad for study in China where it was Open and Refom age at that time. For that I could view lots of event or lots of incident from my past experience, my present having idea and my future consideration or prospects etc. as possible.