D. Trump as a christian on his policy.


D. Trump who has great power against establishment more or less in US was definitely a businness men, his working is clearly a business person from a variety of viewpoint. As looking like talking down to people, which media etc. always criticize his word one by one or twice more, he stand up to these Opposition all too firmly. Recently between US and China negotiated a counterpart tarde barries as trade duties, at first US govement imposed 25% on steel and alminiumu by Trump right. After then trade war game began between US and China more and more, if so two county that stand in the top of the economic world is bringing about lots of issue, not simply the both county but on the whole world also could come to be involved with economic falling down. How do you think about ? Second, Trump moved the US ambassador house to Jerusarem from Tel Abib in Isralel. This dicisiton would significantly be an important historical event, it might not exaggaration to say that he had the honor of leading a resolution of the Middle-East issue on the way of  first hand. In future Israel will  get US support and walking alomg self-dependence or not, grasping at self-independence or not ? It will depend on them nor should be ? Finally we should take arranging how would we do into consideration as a personal close connection on the whole world. ” Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” Matthew 24:35 the Bible tell us so for you and me. ” Give thanks to the Lord, for his love enduer forever.”




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