We know Him through China story.

China investmnet to Africa would increse more and more such as infrastracter, at first chinese employment or native development prior to African forks. Before today topic for Africa has enthusiasm about China polisy, they have contnued to invest since 30 years to begin from Open and Reform ages. At that time Deng Xiao Ping annaunced to the whole Chinese, ” From getting to the richer, go to become the richer.” Chinese people worked harder or was engaged in China nation at the sacrifice of themselves. And right now communist nation was formed like capitalism nation under Xi Jing Ping such as fomer Hu Jin Tao, Jiang Ze Ming etc. As describing back, they poured lots of money into Africa  investment as well, as a result today prosperious Africa countries do be ? Several years age Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank startd to involve a part of EU countries in the contrast with Asia Developement Bank which are at the central of Japan. So AIIB would spread the whole world out not simply a part of countries but might be involved Japan also. In substance ADB could break up naturally. Japan role such as money market or stock market could fall down, to integrate ADB into China bank group should nor be ? We can not resolve by money or alternative, Could up to whom ? ” I am the Alpa and the Omega, the beginning and the End” says the Lord. ” who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:8 the Bible tell us so. Be still !



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