What did the BREXIT bring about ?

Last year the BREXIT, which B. Jonson decided to win Parliament election as T. May confused the people, concluded in UK or in EU. His will stood firm not to do away with counterpart attack as if it once was Iron Woman presence as well. The direction way was going right and left like not keeping to the path in the forest, the path side came out or made a apperance, all of sudden. Such as lots of bird or animal or more beast etc. They repeated criticism as a natural enemy, the BREXIT succeeded in passing the Pariliament votes. A large number of coumpany or headquater besed on UK in industry, however, could move away from UK, particularly London city as a financial capital. Not only London city always but another or the other cities also, could face suchhese  a crisis. Traditional nation would bring a multiplicity of risk about as the Europian nation or as the whole world, no one could know these circumstances in fact or not ? As taking up the BREXIT, we should view global issues and such as human being values or human right etc. In recent like being said as SDGs, it is a task which started from 2015 to find resolving way to 2030. In diversity age we need to have a truth values, look at next word ! ” I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6 Jesus said to us. Open and read the Bible, please. 



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