U.S and N.K getting anywhere.

On U.S President D. Trump and N.K commander Kim, the first talks was held in  Singapore where Asia financial city or could be called Chinapole also. As even the first meeting, it would seem to be like a bit feeling tention each other, which they shaked hands together in a mellow atomosphere at first glance. But lots of issue between two couterpart would pile up, there would never give up or more. Two persons smile looked like a little hard face like being ashamed to say such as being point out how U.S and N.K could be the enemy relation or have the enemy view, it was actually like the above. Alike Korean Peninsula issue could look like calm down to make a variety of effort from East side to West side, the denuclearzation could lead to not merely world peace or world order but also bringing us a lot of benefit or recovering Asia economy and world economy as possible. As it would be political side in this regard, be closely related to the economic, which it would not be any exaggeration to say that we hope the world sustainable peace or we hope the well-to-do life for whoever. We should take action right now might be. Finally the better tips of acquiring foreigh language is just ” Practice makes perfect.” It is for me or you to be the best choice, anyhow.



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