World economy collapse or the past Japan bubble flow.

World economy could stall in not only a lot of developed countries but also all over the world, it might be a bubble economy collapse to have experienced like 80’s or 90’s in Japan. Recently the media such as TV program, the radio news or web site news  etc. reported the world economy oppresive which would not reach the bottom. As long as we would live a daily life everyday, we do not take notice of such a issue, that rather some economic analyst, some economic specialist or some considering scholar would study trends in world economical states or global financial circumstance than us. Such as speaking of Japan to have fallen down about a bubble economy, the border between the 80’s and 90’s had reached the full-top of living standard but a variety of social issues or a lot of political issues and so on. We were very enthusiastic about anything or everything, we pursued our ideals to spend money like water or we engaged in or so and we went out to night street to eat, to drink or to play with grasping cash like too extravagant. But we are faced with a kind of difficult stuation now. What did we take lessson from a bubble economy collaspe ? Lots of having problem, we would have to pay for it in the end to the future generation. Finally as “the better tips of acquiring English,” if I could say, you should continue to learn a foreign language without breaking down even though you would take a short or a long break. It is the tips for you or me.


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