Being oriented to a world driver.

This time I would consider all over the world as myself view point in short. At first globalization could spread in a little land or a large land, which would say not merely politics, economics but religion or military and so on. The second, which could say not simply society, culture or education but enviroment, the race issue also as there could be lots of problem such as Sustainable Developement Goals etc. We would hand worldwide diversity but only having pros and cons, we have to proceed to Gate 1 including an state of internation or outnation, it could mean Gate 1 as a beginning or a entrance describing in detail. In other words, there might be a exit such as the kind of Brexit, which would be in the face of global crisis more or less comprehensively. How to grope our way would depend on you or be up to you, of course also me. Finally, as the better tips of aquiring English, it could be difficult for you to learn a foreign language, we could speak it, listening it, reading it, or writing it. Even if using an easy expression, we can do it, we can make it and we can get it. Continuing to learn more or best, you can enough to get, the day that you say ‘Enough’s Enough’ will come. Also for me should say as holding firm to my belief to stand firm or to take form on my way.


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