Lookable oriented mind.

We are learning a lots language such as English, Chianese, Korean and Russian etc. at a special high school where we do not learn them at a general high school, yes so English only in Japan. Japanese high school system is gradually changing into new tecnology system which we could use AI for ex. the kind of automatic interpretation, that human interpretation would be rather out of date than not up to date. But a human interpretation might be still the main stream, as the communication tool is more human- like to automatic-like, that the relation between one and other or another would always keep, it would be important to maintain the relationship. As we could be easy to fall into a personalization by PC or tablet connection etc. in rather present-day times than our modern society, I would do not deny thier all thing or thier all stuff. On IT revolution development we would lose something to pass the times, we could lose anything to be satisfied with lots of handyable convenience or we would lose nothing at all. The time to go back to view the past should come, that is not the future but right now.



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