Not yourself, it is the gift of God.

In this time, US and NK meeting could not necessarly evaluate, ” You’ve done it.” to compromise with each other in Vietnam. First meeting could lead to the better orientation, which D. Trump smiled a little toward President Kim with comfortable atmosphere to shake hands with one another. This time, however, would be lack of several preparation for counterpart, the reason why to some extent might be ? Cancellation bring about two men misunderstanding or schedule would be in a rut, so two guy could not be free to talk to thier hearts’ content. It could say to before Korean Peninsula denuclearzation based on counterpart policy decition meeting to leave thier idea, plan and implication etc. out of consideration. Next time, how will be likely to expect for us ? North Korea all people bring about a revolution on the versa could be or should be ? Neighbor countries would promote on the whole Asia  for peace or order not rarely or not seldom, we need to think about Korean issue including world internatinal circumstans. As focusing on Japan, all the people would live a happy or calm life but the poorer. In parliament there has lots of issue, which is politics, economics, social-security, human-right and so on. In view of living a heathy, cultual, mimum-limted life, we serve as given task, it is not oneself but gift from God. As it were, ” not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.” ” Give thanks to the lord, for his love enduer forever.” the Bible tell us so.


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