You will find the Creature by everything.

As last year was a lot of various event in the whole of world such as populism could rise against globalism, which it would be involved in the stream by looking at a part of country from focusing on a kind of point of view. The world concept came to change into such as D. Trump said ” American first.” or ” We will make America great again.” Not simply America or U.S but France, the Netherland, Hungary or in recent Brazil election also. As it looks like the Right leanalization as long as we consider the world stream at first glance, we could not see the future ideology yet though lots of paticular view would be or used to be. According to later reports as the media played an importaurent role in the midterm election in U.S, Trump do not believe such a report or not care what they says about himself. He is rather accusing them with talking down about fake news etc. Only to in vain, media industry would always oppose any his administration policy. From now on we need to use many media tools to protect ourself mind or ourself body, of course with our heart very well. As a result, it could be important for us not to move about left and right under any circumstance such as at the minimum or at the mixmum.


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