Biden vs Trump in the US election prospects or results ?


This US presidential election as a whole land would be severe on the US histories between Trump and Biden were hold on the time point. Trump who US people is the very obious right now, might be leaded the better way or the best direction or not ? On the other hand agreed diversity such as LGBT. inducing the high tax for the riches. On the gamble table Winner or Loser decide on without misses datingly.On the another hand. As different part battle one another. As the same stage could corporate lots of finacial part investment, particulaly from selfnative people as such tax payers. As lossing also the equel exaggeration could be ? In the middle of viewing this election what Japan role should be ? For new cabinet such as COVID 19 is droven with handle do not have political policy enough yet. Also new Japan congress confront a lot of issue, we needs a newer leader and whatever the person grasp for the best policy, for the best action, need not to nor should’ve be ?


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