Corona inside or outside.

Right now corona virus spread with other another virus as a whole world , we do not have a solution due to human being brain. In Japan it came to dawn to conqure extream crisis of our fear to some extent. Effective vaccine could be available for us to hold a contraversy against many specialist and schalor ? On being history the meaning of corona crisis would be deep to confronted by unseen enemy in the world history.Spain Cold etc. happened or broke out in the past as well. A large number of sacrifice died , as one of the biggest events in a people life and matter. Though COVID19 do not finish as medical field including having achieved a top of the military field, on boring solution or resolution under any circumstances regargless of people. nation and ideology and so on. finally it should be neccesary for the first yourself, the second your family and the last your Faith. The Last faith, it is up to you. Now it would be attempted nor should be ? The Age or the Time might change. more and more not merely the whole world but ourself idea, mind , soul also. ” Give thanks to the Lord, for His love enduer forever “


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